The MetaSpace Community Metafesto

MetaSpace is a people based platform created by a collective of teachers, healers, and counselors specifically for the Web3 community. It is a hub for all things holistic; a place to find and explore tools to assist you with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. We each create our own reality, and we aim to empower people to create the reality they want to live in. We want people to feel a connection with themselves and their community. When people have a deeper sense of connection they have more energy and resources behind them so they and their contribution to the world can deepen, and grow.

We have no agenda other than to be of service to others. To bridge a gap between those working to build platforms to lift society and those helping people become more clear individuals. Together, we can move forward in the right direction.

What is the right direction? It’s the way that leads towards a world where we live harmoniously with the Earth and all the life she fosters. By being of service to others we help to raise mass consciousness, dissolve limiting beliefs, and help people discover their power and truth.

We aren’t here to preach any dogma or try to convince you of anything. We believe each person inherently knows what’s best for them, and we encourage people to seek out what they resonate with. We use the foundations of the school of life to elicit meaningful conversations, and support the growing and healing process.

We don’t know what all MetaSpace is, we only know what it can be. If you believe in this too or are simply curious, join us some time and connect.

We believe…

We want to live in a world where…

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